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Where does the building end, where does the shadow donor begin? With the Kubata cassette awning, the transitions are fluid. With its cubic shape, it fits perfectly into modern house architecture as a style-defining design element. Sun protection and facade form a balanced symbiosis that meets the highest aesthetic demands.

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Material: The all-round closed awning cassette protects the fabric and technical equipment from the weather just as securely as the controlled rain drain on the front of the drop profile. Kubata is attached almost flush to the wall, so that no rainwater or dirt contaminates the house wall under the cassette. Screwless, smooth surfaces give the Kubata an overall aesthetic appearance. Over 140 cloth designs and more than 200 frame colors are available.

Operation: Control via wired push buttons. Optionally possible with radio control or hand crank.

Expansion: Optionally with dimmable LED lighting. Optionally with Tempura heating.





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