Mobile hand wash basin

Tap water cold or warm anywhere

This mobile hand wash basin with a 6 liter fresh water tank can be filled with cold or warm water on every water pipe - without the need for connections. Thanks to the insulated fresh water tank, warm water remains warm for approx. 7-9 hours, depending on the outside temperature. For the disinfection required after hand washing, a holder including a dispenser with 500 ml disinfection gel is attached. The hand wash basin can be used wherever food is distributed or sold outside the usual business premises and is manufactured in accordance with the new fresh water hygiene regulation HACCP.

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Material: Certified table model made of stainless steel with two handles, insulated 6 liter fresh water tank and 12.5 liter waste water container. The water tank and hygiene dispenser are made of plastic. Height 86 cm, diameter 53 cm.

Operation: The insulated lid is removable so that the water tank can be refilled at any time. Manual operation via drain ball valve. The waste water tank can also be removed and emptied at any time.

Expansion: You will receive the hand wash basin fully assembled including a hygiene package consisting of a towel holder, soap dispenser holder, soap dispenser and 500 ml disinfectant gel.


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