Affordable entry into the weinor world of awnings

Great quality for a small budget - the weinor Topas open awning is the perfect entry-level model. With many different designs, the Topas offers the right solution for every building situation. With a beautiful cloth from the extensive weinor cloth collection, it ensures comfort.

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Material: As an open awning without a roof, the Topas is particularly suitable for installation in niches or under protective balconies. Additional protection for the compact entry-level model with a balanced look is provided by the variant with a roof. Over 140 cloth designs and more than 200 frame colors are available.

Operation: Control via wired push buttons. Optionally possible with radio control or hand crank.

Wahl zwischen offener und geschlossener Markise. Die offene Markise eignet sich besonders für die Montage in Nischen oder unter schützenden Balkonen. Die geschlossene Markise bietet zusätzlichen Schutz für das Tuch in ausgewogner Optik. Außerdem besteht die Möglichkeit, dimmbare LED-Beleuchtung und die Heizung Tempura dazu zu bestellen.



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