Type 200

The umbrella sales trailer

The trailer that you dont recognize as a trailer when it is set up. The tarpaulin of the type 200 is at the same time the umbrellaroofing – so there is just one tarpaulin for the trailer and for the roofing.
The trailer is closed in a way that the flounce and the insinde of the tarpaulin are protected from dirt. Type 200 trailers have mostly a simple construction and are . leight and agile. At the same time there is enough storage space for goods and accessoirs. Another advantage is that the complete range of umbrella-accessoires is compatible with the type 200.

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Hot-dip galvanized vehicle frame. AL-KO axle. Aluminum sheet covering powder-coated. Tarpaulin made of PVC.

Open the tarpaulin. Then insert the external clamp. Crank the roof up using telescopic rods.Open the tables and hang up the sidesheets as well as the cape sheets.

All sales trailers can be equipped according to the customer requirements. Can be combined with the entire range of accessoires.



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